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Frequently Asked Questions

How are the fingerprints generated?

Fingerprints are uniquely generated from the buyer’s wallet address using a generative algorithm. The distribution of fingerprint types is defined by real-world statistics, making some fingerprints more common than others.

The algorithms covers five different fingerprint types:

  • plain arch (5%)
  • tented arch (3%)
  • ulnar loop (60%)
  • radial loop (5%)
  • plain whorl (27%)

Fingerprint types

The source code is stored on the blockchain. It’s used to render every NFT in the collection.

What's your policy ID?

The Perfect NFT has two policy IDs. One for the TEMPORAL BIDDING DECLARATIONs and the other for the NFTs:

  • TBD: 5120000fd4f7584a4ff2b2f5fe71f735f84315106dd6014ac581baa5
  • NFT: 51211110add284b78cff66364ea4997f8612b91ee07d8a2339d7cb0b

Can I choose which NFT I want or is it random?

In the first round there will be a gallery of all 512 pieces. You can select any one that hasn’t been bought yet.

If you don’t get the one(s) you want, you can always try again in the next round.

Each NFT will be displayed with one of 3 statuses:

  1. Available: yet to be selected this round, you can buy it.
  2. Taken: already selected this round, try next round.
  3. Minted: was unselected in a previous round, has been minted and will not be available through the “mint” again.

What will I get when I pay 8 ADA?

You will be the “owner” of the NFT - however it won’t be sent to you until the following round.

If someone buys it in the next round YOU will receive the funds for the purchase as you were the owner.

Also, you will receive a TEMPORAL BIDDING DECLARATION for the transaction.

How many selections per wallet are allowed?

Selections are unlimited; it’s first come, first serve.

Can the NFT owner decide whether or not to accept the bid?

The short answer is no. All sales are forced, there’s no way to reject a bid.

To add a bit more detail, it’s somewhere between a bid and a purchase. A purchase because, you get the proceeds from any future sale, thus you’re the owner. A bid because you don’t have the right to refuse a higher offer.

In essence, this will promote liquidity and “price discovery” for various pieces of the collection from the outset. Every piece in a round has the same price.

So if there are “floor” pieces, they will start to drop off around the same round while more sought after pieces continue to be selected and go to higher price rounds.

Why do I need to verify my wallet?

To be able to participate in The Perfect NFT, you need to verify your wallet. By doing so, we know you are the owner of this wallet, and it will help us minimise the effectiveness of bots and cheaters. Here’s how it happens and what it does.

On clicking the START VERIFICATION button, you’ll be asked to sign a message. The message will contain the three following values:

  1. Your wallet address, which will be the one used to generate your unique fingerprint, send the sale proceeds, TBDs and the NFT.
  2. The name of the wallet you’re using, so we can reconnect you between visits (e.g. Eternl, Flint, Nami, etc).
  3. A special unique key, generated by us, that we use for security purposes.

By signing the message, you’ll effectively be logged in to our system, without having to leave any personal information. Other than the three values metioned above, we don’t use or store any information about you that is not also available on the blockchain.

The verification process is a one-time thing and takes less than a minute. Usually, you’ll only have to do this once per device. If for some reason, you’re logged out, you can simply sign the message again.